Wholesale Circular Knitting Machine Parts: Supplier of Various Components from China

Quanzhou Morton Machinery Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of circular knitting machine parts in China. Our company produces a range of high-quality circular knitting machine parts that help to enhance the knitting process.

Different Circular Knitting Machine Parts are essential for ensuring optimal knitting performance. Some of the parts provided by Quanzhou Morton Machinery Co., Ltd. include the knitting needles, sinkers, cylinder, cam systems, and yarn feeders. We provide you with the best quality parts that meet your specific knitting needs, making the knitting process smoother and more efficient.

Our circular knitting machine parts undergo rigorous quality checks ensuring that they meet international standards. Our company provides a guarantee for all the parts we produce, giving you confidence in the longevity of the products. In addition, our company provides reliable shipping and delivery services, ensuring that our customers receive their orders in a timely manner.

Partnering with Quanzhou Morton Machinery Co., Ltd. guarantees a consistent supply of the best quality circular knitting machine parts in the industry. Contact us for more information on our products and services.
  • Circular knitting machines are an indispensable tool for textile manufacturing, producing a vast variety of knitted fabrics used in fashion, sportswear, and industrial applications. These machines consist of several parts working together in harmony to form the final product. Let's take a closer look at the different circular knitting machine parts. First, the needle bed holds the needles in position, spacing them at equal intervals. The carriage moves across the needle bed, carrying the yarn and looping it around the needles, creating a new row of stitches. The cam system controls the movement of the needles, helping to form the desired stitch pattern. The sinker system holds down the yarn between the needles, preventing it from being pulled up with the loops. The tensioning device ensures the yarn is fed evenly into the machine, preventing breaks and snarls. The yarn feeders supply the machine with sufficient yarn to create the desired fabric weight and dimensions. Other essential circular knitting machine parts include the take-down mechanism, which pulls the fabric down at a constant rate, preventing distortion or laddering. The fabric guide helps to maintain fabric alignment and prevent twisting. The operating panel offers control over the machine's speed, stitch pattern, and other parameters. Overall, circular knitting machines are complex machines that require a wide variety of parts to function effectively. Each part plays an essential role in the production of high-quality knitted fabrics, making them a staple in the textile industry.
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