Circular Knitting Machines for Weft Knitted Fabrics Production

2023-04-06 12:10:39 By : Mr. Raphael Zeng
Circular knitting machines have become an integral part of the textile industry. These machines are used to create weft-knitted fabrics and garments. They operate on a semi or fully automated system to ensure that the knitting process is much quicker and more efficient when compared to traditional methods.

The industrial circular knitting machines are capable of producing a wide range of fabrics like single and double jersey, interlock, rib, jacquard, and more. The machines can be customized according to the customer's requirements and specifications, making them perfect for large production runs.
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The machines' circular design ensures that fabrics produced have no seams, which makes them more durable and ideal for clothing items that are expected to last long. The circular knitting machines can be divided into two categories – Single Jersey and Double Jersey.

Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machines

Single jersey circular knitting machines are designed for the production of lightweight, fine-knit fabrics. These machines are ideal for the production of t-shirts, sportswear, and other clothing items that require a light, breathable fabric.

With the semi or fully automated system, the Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machines have allowed for quick production runs and a smoother knitting process. This has made them extremely popular in the textile industry as they allow for high-quality textiles to be produced on a large scale.

Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machines

Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machines, as the name suggests, create thicker, double-layered fabrics. These machines are ideal for producing fabrics for blankets, sweaters, sweatshirts, and other winter wear materials.

Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machines are versatile and can be used to create a range of fabrics with different textures and patterns. The machine's double-layered fabrics offer better insulation and make them ideal for winter wear items.

Maintenance of Circular Knitting Machines

Maintaining circular knitting machines is an important part of keeping them running smoothly and productively. Regular maintenance can prevent downtime and increase the machine's lifespan.

The circular knitting machine's needles should be monitored to ensure that they are working properly, and any damages or dullness should be identified and replaced. The machines should be cleaned regularly, and the oiling schedule should be followed as per the manufacturer's instructions. The machines should also be calibrated to ensure that they are working accurately and producing fabrics of the desired quality.


Circular Knitting Machines have revolutionized the textile industry, allowing for quick and efficient production of high-quality fabrics. These machines are customizable and can produce a range of fabrics with different textures and patterns. Their versatility and efficiency make them a must-have for any textile production facility.

Regular maintenance of the circular knitting machines can ensure their longevity and maximum efficiency. Manufacturers should make sure to follow their maintenance schedule and to replace any faulty or damaged components.

Overall, Circular Knitting Machines are an excellent investment for anyone in the textile industry, and they make the production process much smoother and more efficient. They provide high-quality and long-lasting fabrics that are ideal for a range of clothing and textile items.